Campaign in support of Jeffree Star Cosmetics for Létoile

It's been some time since we updated you on the projects of our beloved Létoile. Throughout the four years of our cooperation, we have completed dozens of joint projects, but we simply get ecstatic about each new campaign in support of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Well, can this mascara with a whip really leave anyone indifferent?

The campaign delivered an OTS of 6 million+, with 178 mentions. Apparently, we were not the only ones whipped up by the mascara! 

Lumene Press Tour of the Kaliningrad Region

We applaud the domestic and sustainable tourism promo trends, and we seek to be personally involved in fostering them. Over the past year, many of us have rediscovered the places of power on the map of our country: Altai, Baikal, Kamchatka, and the Caucasus...

We were recently joined by the Lumene Russia team in organizing a press tour of the Kaliningrad Region, which won our hearts with its amazing landscapes and charming deliberation. The place where you sense oneness with nature was perfect for the presentation of the Nordic-C [Valo] night serum with its all-natural composition and Scandinavian aesthetics. 

New Client: Page 20

Just check out this nifty apart-hotel that has opened in a historic book-shaped house in New Arbat Avenue! Many in our team say they are missing short getaways that used to be so inspiring and helped refill their energy in the pre-Covid era. So we're being quite serious about the idea of a perfect weekend in town, and it's definitely not a weekend at home. So if we were to pick an ideal location for an inspirational weekend, Page 20, our new client, would top our list. We love absolutely everything about this hotel — from the incredible location and the literary concept of the suits to the stunning views of old Moscow and the finest tableware by Imperial Porcelain. Subscribe to @page20hotel_ if you share our love for fascinating hotels and travel.

Upside for PUPA

We are crazy about all the brands in our portfolio, but our affection for Pupa is particularly long-standing and warm. We have recently run a campaign to support Petalips Lipstick and the True Lips liner, and can’t help but share the great results. Opinion leaders who have supported the new products include Ravshana Kurkova, Natasha Davydova, Keti Topuria, Agata Muceniece, and Marianna Eliseyeva. The campaign generated 10 million OTS, and the number of likes and comments exceeded 200,000.

New client: Demix

Our team started working with the sports retail leader Sportmaster a year ago and is currently promoting Skechers. Since the summer of 2021, we have also served as the press office of #Demix, a leading sportswear brand, dealing with PR and influencer marketing. Congratulations and requests for collaboration are very much welcome!

Upside TOP 10 Event Agency

Over the past 12 months, we have organized numerous outstanding events, and AdIndex has named us among the top 10 event agencies in 2021. We toast  to everyone working in the industry (it has been a tough time, guys), our team and our customers (we’ll never get tired of drinking to you). The only way now is to grow better, bigger and higher!

Upside for Lumene

Last week, we organized a Lumene beauty breakfast for opinion leaders at Wawelberg Hotel in St. Petersburg. The event celebrated the launch of two new Invisible Illumination products and the Finnish Juhannuspäivä summer solstice festival. The guests received wreaths of dried flowers, meditated with singing bowls and had a light summer makeup master class with the use of new Lumene products.

Upside for Tervolina

It’s been a while since we spoke about SMM, but we have a perfect reason to mention it now — a beautiful shoot for our longtime customer and partner. Throughout May and June, we were responsible for content production and promotion of social media presence of Tervolina. You can enjoy more pictures in the @upside_cloud creative studio profile.

Creative concept by Olga Zolotareva. 

Lumene & Upside

The past year definitely effected our plans, but luckily it did not impact relations with our friends and partners. We are happy to be working with Lumene again and invite you to the world of beauty products, which fascinate us. Soon the brand from Finland will introduce a number of cool new arrivals – we will gladly share all the information with you. Stay tuned!

Upside for Shiseido

We launched a campaign to highlight a long-awaited perfume new arrival by Shiseido - Ginza eau de parfum. To open out the idea of perfumers who carol the whole palette of feminity - from strength and passion to fragility and tenderness - we invited different but utmost talented female influencers to share their feelings about the new product. Yang Ge, Anna Ayvazyan and Ksenia Molotkova were among those fascinated by the new fragrance.