Influencer marketing campaigns for L'Etoile

We get often asked (not really), what is our favourite part in our job. There you go: we dearly love our clients, especially our long-lasting partners and friends. For example, L’Etoile’s team, who we implemented more than 10 big projects during 2021 with. Check out fantastic influencer generated content in support of the chain’s exclusive brands and note the beauty bloggers’ recommendations. More pictures in our social media accounts.

"It’s for love": project for Xiaomi

"It’s for love" - this can be said about our cooperation with Xiaomi, but it’s not only about this. At the end of last year we launched a project with the same title. Within December 15 and January 10 every hour our hearts stopped beating filling with love when someone won a gift from Xiaomi. In order to win it, one had to buy a hot drink in one of the partnering coffee shops and submit a love code, featured on the cup, on the website. Or, just to click on the animated heart. The project was widely announced through different channels, thus everyone living in Russia got a chance to win a prize. The creative idea belongs to Upside, the agency was also responsible for the implementation and promotion in new media. The client’s responsibility included love and presents.

New client: Lascana

The first working week means not only a new cycle of reality acceptance, but also new tasks. A lot of new tasks. We have already passed all the stages and are actively working on launching the online store, one of the brands of the German Otto Group.
In addition to online store promotion, SEO, CRM and email marketing, we are in charge of creativity, advertising and all communication marketing tools.

Breakfast for bloggers at the British Ambassador’s residence

There is something special about the events that take place in the old mansions in Moscow - the residences of foreign ambassadors.
This time, together with L'Etoile and the UK Department for International Trade we invited 17 bloggers to the residence of the British Ambassador for a Christmas breakfast in a close circle.
The festive atmosphere was created with traditional New Year decorations and gifts from British cosmetics manufacturers.
The coverage of the campaign approached 6 million, the number of publications amounted to 164.

Influence marketing campaign for Payot

We know why beauty brands love us. We will modestly not mention our expertise in the category, but we admit that it is always mutual. Just look at the results of the influence marketing campaign in support of the inspiring Herbier organic line from Payot. The OTS of the seeding is 6 million, the number of mentions is 56.
Thanks to one of our long-time clients for the opportunity to work with such beauty and constant kind references.

New client: Twinset

We have another valuable acquisition in our portfolio. Since the beginning of Autumn, the Upside digital team has been providing results of online sales on
We thank our client for the trust and our colleagues for the excellent performance!

New client: Levi’s

Do you think there are still lovemarks outside our portfolio? Taking into account the victory in the SMM tender of Levi’s, we have got a royal flush in the fashion category. We thank clients for the trust and market players for their references!

New client: Bellissima

There is no such thing as 'too much Italian', especially if it's about the list of clients.
Meet Bellissima, the Tenacta Group brand and leader of the Italian market of hair styling devices. Now we are in charge of brand communications, and we never get tired of thanking the client and the universe for that.
And sure enough, if someone needs help with choosing the right gadget, you know where to find us!

Influencer trip with Columbia

Blog and influencer tours of northern locations are already our specialty. Helsinki, Stockholm, Lapland, Lake Baikal in winter, and now the Kola Peninsula! It wasn't even cold this time: thanks to Columbia which was responsible for the equipment. Together with the bloggers and the brand team, we captured the Northern Lights and enjoyed the stunning landscapes of the Far North.

New client: Babor

We are ready to make a confession. A confession of tender and passionate love for the beauty industry in general, and especially for the clients from our portfolio. Sometimes it seems to us that we have collected the best brands. Actually no, it doesn’t seem to us. We really did it. Today we present Babor, a German brand of professional cosmetics, for which we organized an event, marking the launch of a new decorative line with skin care formulations.
It appears that we have collected, if not all the ‘lovemarks’, then almost all of them.