Testing the Xiaomi smartphone on Twitch

Upside and Xiaomi conquer Twitch! It is on this mega-popular video streaming platform that we decided to announce a big newcomer - the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro.
Buster, dinablin and dmitry_lixxx tested the smartphone's functions, including gaming.

New client: Rummo

The roots of Italian family-run company Rummo date back to 1846, when Antonio Rummo built a small mill in Benevento.  Today, there is a factory in its place where high-quality pasta has been produced for over a century. Chefs and gourmands all over the world love the brand's products, and we are happy to tell Russian consumers about its special characteristics.  Upside is responsible for the brand’s PR, Instagram and influencer marketing.

Battle with blogger Satyr for Xiaomi

Upside held a battle between the blogger Satyr and MIRBIS students. To win, the university students were asked to shoot a video about summer vacations. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro was responsible for the perfect picture quality.
The Russian YouTube star shared his success story, gave advice on content creation, answered many questions, and granted one winner a new Xiaomi.

Support for the new Jeffree Star at L’Etoile

Even a pandemic couldn’t stop Jeffree Star’s new palettes, lipsticks, and highlighters from being sent out to opinion leaders! And these products are being sold exclusively at L’Etoile. Campaign reach was over 15 million social media users.

Partnership with "Sirtaki" and "Tysycha Ozer" (Thousand Lakes) brands

Effective September, we are responsible for the SMM of diary brands "Tyshycha Ozer" (Thousand Lakes) and "Sirtaki".
With our content, we introduce the ideas of simple breakfasts, desserts, and snacks using natural products. Every post is about not only the great taste, but also about a healthy diet. Along with our followers, we're going to learn how to follow a balanced diet, be in the moment, and pay more attention to our health.

Upside for Sportmaster

Sportmaster is a new client in the Upside portfolio. The company is the leading expert in modern sports retail. Our areas of collaboration are influencer marketing and PR for the Skechers brand, which is known and loved all over the world. The company makes shoes for life and sports, as well as clothing and accessories for both adults and children. 

Support for the Zarina Limited Edition Collection

The new limited edition collection from the Russian brand Zarina, called Proud to be a Woman, is based on the idea of clothing and accessories that emphasize the multifaceted nature of the modern woman and allows her to feel confident in any situation. Upside provided support for the collection in the form of opinion leaders, including Katya Gousset, Assol, and Karina Nigay.

New client: Harbor

We are pleased to introduce a new name in our portfolio — Harbor, a Russian shoe manufacturer. We have already developed it’s visual brand identity and are currently working on the production of the website and photo and video content. Upside will be also responsible for the further promotion and performance marketing of the brand. 

Sinclair Pharma in Russia

The company Sinclair Pharma is trusted by dermatologists and cosmetologists in over 70 countries, and Russian professionals have long awaited the opportunity to work with its products. In Russia one of the world leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine will present an innovative product portfolio: fillers Perfectha®️, Ellansé®️, MaiLi and Silhouette Soft®️. Estemarko will be the exclusive distributor. Upside is responsible for PR, special media projects, work with opinion leaders, and social media representation.

Summer drive-in theater Let Mi See

All mass events have been postponed until better days, but we’ve teamed up with Xiaomi to find a way to cheer up movie lovers.  All throughout July at the “Aviapark” shopping mall outdoor parking lot in Moscow, a safe drive-in movie theater will be open.  The best new releases and blockbusters from famous directors are on the schedule. The viewings are free, the only condition is that you need to pre-register on letmisee.ru and come using a “Delimobil” car sharing vehicle, after making sure to thoroughly disinfect it, of course. In addition to great movies, guests can expect gifts and prizes from Xiaomi.

We look forward to seeing you at Let Mi See!

Geox online presentation for Autumn-Winter 2020/21

Due to limitations caused by the pandemic, all events were cancelled, but we couldn't help showing the new Geox collection. To introduce Russian fashion editors and stylists with the brand's new releases, we created an online showroom. Pictures with descriptions of the technological features for each shoe and outerwear piece from both the men's and women's collections, as well as their traditionally bright children's line, are presented on the project's page. Geox has prepared special surprises for children - two capsules based on their favorite Disney cartoons.

Upside web studio expansion

Over the past year, we've developed dozens of web products, including online stores, showcase sites, and landing pages. Our web studio grew along with the number of projects - today it has 8 front- and back-end developers as well as UX/UI-designers. 

Results of the Upside Business Lab Contest
Mutual support and solidarity this spring have taken on special significance for everyone, including in business. In support of small and medium business, we released a free educational platform and announced an Instagram contest for business promotion. The winner was the young Russian manufacturer of children's clothing Tucan & Cake. Our branding and marketing experts have audited the brand and developed a new brand platform, and now, together with the Upside Cloud studio team, they are working on a corporate identity and relaunching all communication channels.
New partnership with MD Skin Solutions

More than 10 MD Skin Solutions laboratories in Luxembourg are developing innovative Pluryal products based on high-quality hyaluronic acid. Since the beginning of May we've been providing SMM support for the brand and are already developing a landing page which will provide all information about pharmaceutical products for cosmetologists, as well as those who are interested in modern methods of maintaining the beauty and youth of their skin. Subscribe and follow their new developments together with us: @pluryal_russia

New partnership with Sisley

This spring, we added the French brand Sisley to our list of beauty clients. The first project in the sphere of marketing influence was in support of a new eye cream in their Black rose line, based on black rose extract. Creative distribution was carried out among opinion leaders, including the model Yasmina Muratovich, TV hostess and actress Renata Piotrovski, and founder of the brand Must Have Yana Koroed.

We developed a platform for holding events online

During the first week of limitations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, we already realized that it would be impossible to hold the events we'd planned in a traditional format for several months. We very quickly developed a digital platform for holding events online while preserving all the options of an offline event. You can read more about all the details of our solution at sostav.ru and vc.ru

Upside Business Lab Contest

We launched a contest among the Instagram followers of our platform in support of small and medium business. The participants need to describe their businesses, as well as short- and long-term goals. The prize is business promotion by the most experienced specialists Upside has to offer, plus 1.5 months of supporting consultation for the winner. You can read more about the contest on our profile @upside_business_lab

Agency business in a new reality

Upside managing partner Anna Musaelyan spoke about the present situation in the agency business and shared her vision for how to save it given the current circumstances. Read more at cossa.ru

Upside is releasing a free educational project for small businesses

In support of small enterprises, the integrative communications agency Upside has released a Business-lab for the exchange of ideas and experiences in crisis management. The agency's team has already published several articles for entrepreneurs without experience in directing marketing communications with recommendations on how to function in our new reality. In the future, we plan to hold webinars, video conferences, and free consultations. 

Upside invites experts in marketing and management to take part in the project. All authors who participate will be indicated on the site and in social representations of the project.

Berry cocktail from Lumene

For the launch of their redesigned Nordic-C (Valo) berry cocktail brightening facial, Finnish brand Lumene held a press breakfast for opinion leaders in two cities at once: Moscow and St. Petersburg. The bloggers learned not only about northern berries and their effects on the skin, but also tried their hand at the technique of intuitive painting.

Spring fragrance from Tonka

In the beginning of the spring season, Russian brand Tonka Perfumes – a selective interior perfumery – held a press brunch at which it presented its new home fragrance, Berry. The fragrance has notes of strawberry, citrus, bergamot, and vanilla. The guests, including journalists and opinion leaders, evaluated the composition created by famous French perfumer, Calice Becker. 

A new Start together with Eisenberg

In February, the French brand Eisenberg presented Start, its new line of skincare for young skin. Opinion leaders invited to a beauty breakfast got to know the new products and learned how to implement an effective daily skincare regime suited to big city life using the latest generation of cleansing and moisturizing products.

A trip to Lapland with Lumene

In the beginning of February, we traveled the brand's home country of Finland with Lumene's Russian team and beauty directors of leading magazines. Traveling through wintry Lapland was a great opportunity to get better acquainted with northern nature - the main source of Lumene's inspiration. The program for our 3-day press tour included relaxing in the famous Finnish ice saunas, visiting a deer farm, and rafting on the Arctic river Kitka.

Our 10th anniversary!

Today, Upside celebrates its tenth anniversary, and we'd like to thank everyone who's been with us along this journey. Together, we've completed hundreds of projects, received dozens of awards, and earned ourselves the reputation of an agency recommended to close friends and colleagues on the market.

New corporate identity for MEDFORD

The creative studio Upside Cloud has created a new corporate style for the company Medford Medical Solutions, a distributor of medical diagnostic equipment. The studio carried out a comprehensive project on re-visualizing the brand and created a logo, slogan, color scheme, and font solution, as well as visualizing corporate identity media and creating a brandbook.

Bema awards short-list!

Two Upside projects have been announced as finalists for industry awards in Event marketing and Integrated communications in the Best experience marketing awards.
The exhibition "Photos with an accent" was given expert recognition with its nomination for "Best social project" and the release of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro was nominated for "Best release/presentation of a new product"

Columbia for urban explorers and travelers

In December we invited opinion leaders who have an active lifestyle and do a lot of traveling to test the new Columbia SH/FT sneakers in both an urban environment and out in nature, and then to share their impressions with their followers.

6 wins at the 2019 Tagline Awards

On November 29, the winners of the 2019 Tagline Awards - the highest Russian award for interactive projects and achievements in the digital sphere - were announced.
As per tradition, the agency Upside took part in the competition and according to the resulting votes earned six awards in the following categories:
Best campaign for art/culture/entertainment:
Pupa Vamp Mascara case - Silver;
Xiaomi Photo Exhibition case "Photos with an accent" - Bronze;
Best contextual campaign - Sportown case - Bronze.
Best use of Social Media by an agency and Best personal advertising campaign by an agency - Upside Cloud case - Silver;
Best HR campaign on Social Media - Competition case for a vacancy in social media - Bronze.
We'd like to thank our clients for their trust, inspiration, and support!

Geox press day

At the traditional press day for the Italian brand Geox, which we organized at Royal Studio for Russian journalists and opinion leaders, the 2020 Spring/Summer collection was presented.  New models of outerwear and shoes for adults were shown, as well as several capsule collections for children made in collaboration with Disney and WWF.

Xiaomi photo tour

To test the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T camera, we organized a photo tour around the Caucasus for journalists and bloggers. One of the biggest inspirations and main compiler of the route was Alexander Zheleznyak, photographer and journalist, formerly the Editor in Chief of National Geographic Traveler Russia.  For the entirety of the trip, he kept a photo journal and told people about his impressions using the agency's social media accounts.

Presentation of Xiaomi smartphones

A month and a half after presenting the Redmi Note 8 Pro, Xiaomi introduced another two products to the Russian market: the Redmi Note 8T, and the premium model Mi Note 10. The presentation for guests, journalists and bloggers took place in the famous Saltykov-Chertkov estate in Moscow on Myasnitskaya Street, which we turned into a Mi-residence for one day. For each hall of this magnificent old Rococo mansion from the 17th-19th centuries, our team created its own designs, lighting and sound solutions

New Geox racecar

Geox, which has been the title sponsor of the American racing team Dragon since last year, presented a new electric car in Venice. We invited reporters from leading Russian media outlets to the event. The 6th season of the Formula E Championship will be the first in the history of these electric car races where Geox’s Dragon will perform as an independent player with its own racecar called Penske.

Xiaomi Photo Project

In mid-November, Xiaomi and the Foundation for Assistance with Autism in Russia “Vykhod” (“Solution”) presented the exhibition "Photos with an Accent" at the Lumiere Brothers Center For Photography. The photos were taken by people with Asperger’s syndrome using smartphones with a 64 megapixel camera. Each of the participants tried to convey their observations of the outside world and talk about the vivid episodes in their daily lives.

Two days with Pupa

We held two customer days at the cosmetics chains Rive Gauche and Zolotoye Yabloko to celebrate the relaunch of Pupa's Makeup Stories Compact eyeshadow palette. The brand’s guests enjoyed not only good vibes, but also received gifts and surprises. Famous makeup artists Andrei Shilkov and Victoria Moiseyeva held workshops with actress and TV presenter Alla Mikheyeva and fashion model Maria Melnikova.

Fashion show from Metro

Metro Cash & Carry held the third annual gastronomic festival Megustro in St.
Petersburg. A special fashion show of outfits for gastronomy professionals,
created by independent designers collaborating with renowned chefs, became one
of the festival’s highlights. As is their tradition, famous restaurant critics and chefs were in attendance, including those with Michelin stars, as well as leading media editors that we invited.

Visit to Geox

In October Russian opinion leaders were invited by Geox to visit their headquarters in Montebelluna, Italy. The bloggers saw the laboratories and production workshops, met and talked to Ernesto Esposito, creative director for women's shoe line, learned about the latest Geox developments. Another highlight of the trip was a visit to the 17th century estate Villa Sandi, owned by the family of Geox founder and President Moretti Polegato. More than 600 thousand people followed every step of this trip on social networks.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro launched in Russia

In October 2019 we ran a fabulous event for Xiaomi celebrating the launch of the long-awaited smartphone Redmi Note 8 Pro. Inspired by sci-fi in general and Blade Runner 2049 in particular we came up with MiCyberLand concept event, futuristic lighting and dramatic visual effects. To illustrate the features of the 64 mp camera, we incorporated the exibition of the chief photographer of National Geogrpaphic magazine who had lately tested the camera on his trip around Dagestan. The climax of the event was the World of tanks tournament held in cooperation with the Russian champion gamers.

Xiaomi at M.Video Electronics Show 2019

In October we designed and built the most outstanding display at this year’s M.Video Electronics exhibition. A big crowd of visitors gathered at the futuristic stand of Xiaomi to test the cutting edge products, ride Xiaomi go-carts and participate in one of the generous contests.

Xiaomi Charity Run

The second Mi Pop Run gathered the brand’s fans and friends in Moscow at the end of September. Upside was in charge of celebrity participants, including blogger Polina Askeri, TV presenter Ivan Chuikov and artist and photoblogger Elena Sheidlina. As a result, an amount of 1.500.00 rubles was raised for Life Line charity fund helping children with illnesses.

New Address of Reserved

The Polish clothing brand Reserved opened its flagship store at Metropolis
shopping center in Moscow. We invited bloggers to check out the new store’s
interior design and collections. They shared their impressions with subscribers and
the total of their posts’ reach exceeded 2,000,000 users.

Upside starts collaboration with Apivita

The Greek cosmetics brand Apivita appinted Upside as it lead agency in Russia to hand communications, influencer marketing and media planning.
Founded in 1979, Apivita produces natural cosmetics for face, body and hair based on beekeeping products — honey, propolis and bee wax — as well as high quality vegetable oils and extracts.

Upside is the official press office of Ensana in Russia

We began providing PR support for Ensana, Europe’s leading health spa operator, on September 9. The brand manages 26 SPA hotels specializing in beauty and medical treatment based on natural ingredients and state-of-the-art technologies.

Opinion Leaders for Cutrin

In September we extended our cooperation with Finnish professional cosmetics brand Cutrin Nordic Expressions. Now, in addition to SMM, we also do influence marketing for Cutrin.

Oriflame’s press-trip to Sweden

Upside arranged a two-day press tour to Sweden, where Russian journalists visited the Skin Research Institute in Stockholm, went sightseeing, explored the islands of the archipelago and enjoyed the magnificent view of the rooftops.

Three projects for Sesderma

In mid-July, we designed and developed a local online store for the Spanish cosmetics brand Sesderma, and within only a month, the conversion rate skyrocketed by 900%.
Additionally, we conducted a performance campaign and produced video testimonials from top celebrities, including Elena Podkaminskaya, Lelya Baranova and Yanina Studilina.

Geox style music

This summer, the Italian brand Geox became a partner of Usadba Jazz – the annual music festival in Moscow and St. Petersburg – for the second time. Our team created a lounge area where festival goers could not only relax and have a good time, but also buy the brand’s latest shoes and clothes.

Two days with Lottie London

Eight young bloggers from Russia were invited by English decorative
cosmetics brand Lottie London to attend Lovebox, a summer music festival. They described their experiences on social media, reaching 5 million people in total.

Summer vacation in Provance with Le Petit Olivier

The skin care products of Le Petit Olivier contain only natural ingredients from Provance. To introduce the brand to the Russian consumer, we held an influencer tour to the homeland of the brand. The total reach on YouTube and Instagram amounted to 540k.

Upside new brand identity

We launched Upside Cloud creative studio and immidiately shifted our attention onto our own brand identity. Being already known on the market, we strived for aligning Upside’s idendity to our 360-degree platform of capabilities. Follow the link to learn more on the brand insight and results. 

Case study
Influencer marketing campaign for Sportmaster

«Our footwear can withstand any city challenges» – that’s the CAT Intruder tagline. 11 digital influencers with total OTS exceeding 1 mln were invited to test this statement and make fair reviews on Instagram.

New Lanvin fragrance launch

To promote the new Lanvin perfume, A Girl in Capri, we invited 100 digital influencers to Food Embassy restaurant. Our guests got into the spirit of an Italian party and willingly published Stories (469) and regular posts (56). The technical reach exceeded 34 mln.

Projects for Podruzhka retail chain

In January 2019 Upside managed a media event for Podruzhka cosmetics retail chain. In April we were in charge of the flagship store opening event in Okhotniy Ryad shopping centre, and in June we opened the first store in Krasnodar.

Uriage brochure in Mother&child magazine

For Uriage, we designed a 16-page brochure with tips on newborn baby care as an insert for the summer issue of Mother&child magazine. Our creative studio was in charge of creative concept, design and copywriting.

Dockers’ smart cotton in layperson terms

Dockers’ smart cotton in layperson terms
popmech.ru, the online authority on popular science, issued an article about the cutting-edge technologies used by Dockers. Follow the link to learn about fabrics that do not need ironing, are ideal for hot weather or even acrobatics.

Upside created a Russian language website for Triumph

Upside was chosen by Triumph, a German lingerie brand, to create a showcase website featuring collections, POS and a clean responsive navigation. Click here to check what we came up with.

Launch of Upside Cloud creative studio

We are delighted to present Upside Cloud, our creative studio offering a full-service of creative disciplines. Follow us on Instagram for inspiration and news.

Visit of Geox designer to Moscow

Legendary Italian designer Ernesto Esposito visited Moscow to attend Geox event at Evropeyskiy shopping center and meet editors-in-chief of fashion and lifestyle magazines, holding a Neapolitan pasta cooking class.

Upside announces a new client win in beauty category

Effective April, 2019 Upside provides PR services to Oriflame. For media inquireis, please contact Olga Nelidova, Sr PR manager (beauty category).

New Trussardi fragrance launch party

More than 700 guests attended the launch of the Sound of Donna fragrance at Icon club. CEO of Angelini Beauty Matias De Alzua specially arrived to Moscow to be present at the event. The show included performances of the Bolshoi’s prima ballerina Elena Obraztsova, poet Ah Astakhova and singer Sati Kazanova.

Start of cooperation with Triumph & sloggi

Two German underwear brands were added to our portfolio. Scope of services for Triumph includes SMM, influencer marketing and media service, whereas for sloggi we manage market reviews and media service.

Upside announces a new client win

Effective February 1st, 2019 we manage PR function for Knauf, one of the biggest international manufacturer of innovative building materials and systems. In the past 25 years the company has invested €1.5 bln into the Russian building sector and opened or significantly reconstructed 19 factories with German quality standards.

Digital collaboration of Xiaomi & Yandex.Taxi

At the end of December Xiaomi and Yandex.Taxi ran a social media contest offering prizes by both of the brands. Upside was in charge of influencer marketing activities and resulted in 3,8 mln outreach.

Geox media day

The Italian brand Geox introduced its new collection to the Russian media and opinion leaders. The launch took place in Royal Studio mansion, and as always, got everybody's attention: the S/S collection offers jackets and footwear with extra level of air permeability.

Upside's workplace on Sostav.ru

One of the top marketing media in Russia visited our new office to release a review on the interior design and workplace culture. Follow the link to read the article.

Glamour Best of Beauty 2018 results

The Glamour Best of Beauty 2018 jury announced the best new products of the year. We are delighted to announce that our 6 accounts celebrated their well-deserved wins: Payot, Uriage, Sesderma Russia, Lumene, Moschino and Versace.

Brand identity for Grand Hills residential estate

We are delighted to share the results of our creative collaboration with Grand Hills, a mid-range residential estate in Krasnogorsk. The brand identity was to address relatively young and trendy customers.

Case study
Upside has been awarded the Tagline Awards 2018 in two categories

The 2018 awards ceremony took place on 30 November, and we were honored to be this year’s recipients of two awards – Silver Social Media Marketing and Bronze Performance Marketing.

Influencer marketing campaign for Caudalie

In November, 2018 we held a reminder campaign for Caudalie Resveratrol [Lift]. We engaged celebrities and opinion leaders on social media and held a digital media campaign to build reach and credibility.

Case study
Trip to Georgia with Xiaomi

Чтобы оценить превосходные качества и цветопередачу камеры нового смартфона Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, мы отправились в осенний Тбилиси вместе с журналистами и блогерами. Также в рамках проекта была реализована коллаборация с Ташей Алакоз: художница разработала дизайн лимитированного бьюти-бокса Krygina for Xiaomi.

Upside is an approved K50 partner

Upside is pleased to announce a strategic, certified partnership with K50, a leading AI-based machine learning platform, that optimizes Yandex.Direct campaigns.

Social media marketing for Lumene Russia

Check out our award-winning case study to discover SM solutions we've produced for Lumene in 2018.

Case study
Performance campaign for Uzhniy residential estate

In 2018 Upside was honored to be the recipient of the Tagline’s award in performance marketing. As a result of the campaign we cut CPA by 50% and simultaneously increased the amount of leads by 60%. Please click here for details.

Case study
Multifaceted campaign for VernadSky residential estate

This case study shows how efficient and prompt in dealing with client requests we are. Within one week we developed a web page, brand identity, planned and launched a multifaceted campaign to generate leads and awareness, as well integrated IP-telephony with the call tracking, CRM and real estate sales platforms to build a holistic sales pipeline.

Case study
Seeding campaign for Lottie London

In October Upside successfully completed the large-scale seeding campaign for Lottie London, one of the brands distributed exlusively at L’Etoile stores. More than 500 digital influencers could test the bestseller makeup products and shared feedback with their followers. Total OTS exceeded 37.5 mln.

Case study
Renewed brand identity for Sportown

We love the new visual identity of Sportown, the largest fitness center in Southeast Moscow.

Case study
Our clients are winners of Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards

On October, the 24th, the jubilee ceremony of Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards took place. The Spanish brand Sesderma and the French brand Uriage were honored to be awarded first prizes. Congratulations to our partners!

Payot social media case study

Here’s a brief case study on the Payot’s social media strategy in 2018. Follow the link to learn more about our achievement and learnings.

Case study
Upside in digital agencies rankings

Last year Upside was ranked in Tagline’s top 25 SMM agencies. While we are looking forward to the publication of Tagline’s 2018 report, RuWard has already published its rankings, and Upside is listed in several disciplines. In SMM, we have improved our rankings and scored 40 points to the previous result.

Multichannel project for Pupa

Pupa threw a grand party in October to celebrate the launch of Vamp! Explosive Lashes mascara. The winners of a social media contest, mass media representatives and influencers attended the event.

Case study
Russian digital influencers at Burberry fragrance launch in London

A series of events took place in London to celebrate the launch of the new Her fragrance by Burberry. Russian digital influencers with more than 1.2 mln followers attended the events. Upside coordinated the project and provided travel support.

Extended scope of services for Geox

Effective October 16 2018: we expand cooperation with our long-time partner and client, the Italian brand Geox. PR, SMM, event marketing and content management have been completed by paid promotion on social media.

Dockers new collection launch at Upside's showroom

In August the American brand Dockers announced cooperation with Upside, and in September we hosted a cozy brunch for fashion editors to present the current collection. The event was held at Upside’s showroom where all the novelties are presented: soft flannel shirts, warm knitwear and, of course, khaki pants, famous all over the world for their quality and comfort. For more information on the collection, please refer to Anelia Ruzho, Sr Fashion PR manager.

Tervolina's first store to feature contemporary interior design

In September Tervolina remodeled its first location to an updated contemporary store design, inspired by Piet Mondrian. Within the restyling framework, we created trendy shopping bags and staff uniform, and hosted key mass media representatives and loyal digital influencers at the grand opening.

Upside's Performance marketing team augmentation

We have recently celebrated 5 new business wins in performance marketing and web development and significantly enlarged our digital team. Upside will keep focus on multifaceted campaigns, including those focused on lead management. Please contact Anna Musaelyan, Managing Partner, for details on the scope of digital services.

Kiss Payot challenge

Check out the new case on Kiss Payot Instagram challenge. The total number of participants reached 305 with 89 GIF’s in the longest chain of air kisses. 

Case study
Launch of Pupa Sport Addicted

Upside was in charge of influencer marketing activites aimed at promoting Pupa Sport Addicted line on social media. Top Russian athletes posted their reviews on Instagram: Olympic tennis champion Elena Vesnina, multiple 13-time champion of Europe in rhythmic gymnastics Yana Kudryavtseva and winner of the Asian Championships in rhythmic gymnastics Elizabeth Nazarenkova.

Eisenberg Paris 360°

Here’s the case study on the multi-channel campaign held for EISENBERG Paris. The total reach reached 15 mln, number of reactions far exceeded 300k, and the Russian team’s goalkeeper autographed 500 balls and T-shirts for the consumers of the brand.

Case study
Geox at Usadba Jazz Festival

In June 2018, Geox partnered with Usadba Jazz Festival at the Arkhangelskoe Estate. The brand presented its bright and airy stand with a variety of animation options for adults and kids. Don’t miss the upcoming festival in St. Petersburg planned for July 28.

New brand in Upside’s portfolio

Since June 2018, Upside has assumed functions as Russian press office for Emanuel Ungaro. From the PR Department Olga Nelidova is responsible for working with the brand.

Presentation of Color Your Life category at L’Etoile

At the end of May, L’Etoile, the largest chain of beauty stores in Russia, presented its Color Your Life product category conjoing 12 exlusive make-up brands. Upside was in charge of influencer marketing and guest management at two events in Moscow and running the national tour with 9 workshops held by famous make-up artists in regions. The total reach on Instagram and on YouTube amounted to 1.285.000.

Case study
Geox Press day

On May 17, the Royal Studio Mansion hosted the presentation of Geox. The Italian innovative brand presented its Fall-Winter collection of shoes and jackets based on breathable technologies.

Eisenberg clients’ day with Igor Akinfeev

On the eve of the World Cup, the French perfumert and skin care brand Eisenberg gave all fans an autograph session of Igor Akinfeev, the most titled Russian football player. The brand’s consumers could get a ball or a t-shirt with an autograph and take a memorable photo.

Performance projects for Lumene

In April 2018, we run two performance-based projects for Lumene. The first one was aimed at driving sales of a new Lähde micellar water at a partner online store. The second case describes an email lead campaign help in support of Harmonia line.

Launch by Seventeen

A new collection of beauty products by Seventeen was launched in Moscow in Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, on April, 24th. The newly arrived products are made from all organic ingredients like fruit and oils. Event-management and decorations were conducted by Upside.

BOSS SS 18 collection launch in GUM

SS 18 «The Summer of Ease collection» was launched in the BOSS flagship store in GUM on April, the 3rd. Vogue editor-in-chief Maria Fedorova, digital influencer Alexandra Novikova and sports journalist Maria Komandnaya were headliners at the event. Musical atmosphere was composed by DJ Vitaly Kozak. Upside team was responsible for the event management.

Lycon Pinkini presentation

A new line of Brazilian wax Pinkini Brazilian Care by Lycon was launched at Wax & Go salon on Komsomolsky Avenue. Upside was responsible for the event management and guest management.

A new brand in Upside's portfolio

Effective March 2018, Upside provides SMM and Influencer marketing services to the French perfumery brand Marina de Bourbon. Fragrances created by Princess Marina de Bourbon are today available in 70 counties.

Seventeen presentation

On February the 20th, UPSIDE organised a beauty breakfast for bloggers at Ararat Park Hyatt hotel. The event was dedicated to the launch of the new arrival - collection of lipsticks by the Greek brand Seventeen.

Influencer marketing for Payot by Upside

Our partnership with the French brand Payot has been extended: apart from social media marketing, Upside is responsible for influencer marketing effective February 2018. Contact person for inquiries regarding opinion leaders in Upside is Ekaterina Tumeneva.

Upside partners with “Respublika” bookshop chain, taking over promoting Christmas product range, as well as other projects

We signed our first PR-contract with “Respublika” bookshop chain. Please contact Anelia Ruzho for media inquiries.

Our beauty clients are winners of Glamour Best of Beauty 2017 Awards

All beauty brands in our portfolio are the winners of Glamour Best of Beauty Awards. Products by Lumene, Sesderma, Uriage, Payot and Cutrin are voted best in different categories.

Tervolina SS’18 advertising campaign

In December Upside PR team organized a photoshoot of Tervolina SS’18 advertising campaign.

Tervolina Media day

Tervolina, a Russian footwear brand with 25 years of history, released its SS’18 footwear and accessories collection. The decorations of the hall at StandArt hotel were inspired by the Russian ballet theme.

Upside has been awarded the Tagline Awards 2017 in three different categories

This year it’s been the first time that Upside made an application for Tagline Awards, and we are delighted that we are now among the top 25 Russia’s SMM agencies. We’ve also won awards in the following nominations: «Best social media strategy for a retail company»; «E-mail marketing»; «Best run e-CRM startegy».

Upside in top RuWard fastest-growing agencies

Every year RuWard releases rating evaluating «Digital breakthroughs» of fastest-growing agencies with digital cases portfolio. We are proud to be included in this rating for the first time, thus turning into one of the strongest industry players.

Geox SS'18 Media day

Geox SS’18 collections of footwear and outwear were presented to the media at a medieval Mansion on Volkhonka street. The capsule collection created by Ernesto Esposito and seasonal variations of the iconic Nebula sneakers were on display along with other pieces.

Upside participates in Tagline Awards 2017

We have entered Tagline Awards 2017 competition — the highest digital marketing award in Russia. We are nominees in the categories Social media accounts management/community building. Among other cases, we submitted our highlight projects with Payot and Uriage.

Upside becomes press office for EuroItalia in Russia

EuroItalia announced start of cooperation with Upside in November. We are now press office of the company in Russia being responsible for perfumes Versace, Moschino and Missoni. Contact person for media and influencers is Olga Nelidova, who joined the team last fall.

Lovely U by Liu Jo launch

Italian brand Liu Jo and Emilie Coppermann, a renown French perfumer, launched Lovely U, a new fragrance for women, in Moscow. The event took place in Royal Studio, Upside was responsible for event and guest management.

Capsule collection created by Banana Republic X Olivia Palermo

The long-awaited capsule collection created by Banana Republic in collaboration with Olivia Palermo was launched in Moscow, in SEVEN restaurant. Traditionally, Upside was responsible for event and guest management.

Upside launches Bandi on Social media in Russia

Effective September, Upside team manages SMM activities of Bandi – a new brand to the Russian market, originating from South Korea. In less than a decade the manufacturer of ecofriendly nail polishes and hand care products gained leadership trend-setting positions in its region.

Russian footwear brand Tervolina - Upside’s new client

Effective September, Upside is the official press office for the Russian footwear brand Tervolina. The company sets ambitious targets and heads to promising perspectives of business expansion and renewal. Tervolina portfolio already includes exciting collaboration with the prominent U.S. designer Jeffrey Campbell.

Upside manages social media accounts for Cutrin

In August, the Finnish Cutrin brand known for its excellence in making hair care products, became a new addition to Upside’s SMM beauty portfolio. 45 years of experience, “green” philosophy mixed with high technologies — the brand has a lot in store both for professionals and beautyholics.

Clarins marathon #MeOnlyStronger

On the occasion of the release of the new Clarins body care product, our team debuted a three-week marathon on social media, motivating users to improve their physical shape. Girls were first inspired by Lena Letuchaya, Vladlena Varlamova and Tanya Rybakova, and later other opinion leaders also joined in. The total coverage of the campaign exceeded 3 million people, and 3,000 social media users downloaded the motivational program.

Upside handles PR & SMM strategy of Lumene

Effective August, 1, Upside is the official press office, as well as Social Media and Influencer Marketing campaigner for Lumene – an established beauty brand originating from Finland. The company is undergoing rebranding – its organic products produced from arctic water and one of nature’s most potent plants are now promoted in the masstige segment.

French brand Uriage - Upside’s new client

Effective August 1, Upside is the official communication agency of the French brand Uriage. Scope of services includes PR, Media Service, Event Management, Influencer and Social Media Marketing. We strongly recommend skincare products based on the unique properties of Uriage thermal spring water.

Clarins contest #IBelieveInRed

In April, Clarins celebrated the third anniversary of its online store in Russia. In honor of this event, we held a large-scale contest with participation from 448 social media users. Its total coverage reached more than 2 million people, and Clarins’ fan base grew by 7,000 subscribers.

Case study
Clarins Chance

In June, we held an event called Your Chance with Clarins to help expand the CRM base of Clarins.ru. Over the span of a month, announcements for the event managed to get 1,416 reposts on social media, and the quantity of participants exceeded 6,700. More than 200 participants used a discount coupon in the online store.

Gap Kids celebration at the Evropeisky Mall

On the eve of this summer's holidays, Gap Kids held a beautiful and fun celebration for its visitors. All day kids were treated to sweets and were entertained with games and creative competitions with prizes. Each child received a free face painting, along with a commemorative photo.

Gant and Electra press brunch

A press brunch in honor of two important events was held at Artplay Gallery: the presentation of shirts and bombers from Gant technological materials and the opening of the new Electra show room.

Geox AW’18 Press day

The presentation of the new Geox collection was held in Volkhonka Mansion. Along with its technological jackets and shoes, the Italian brand presented its first-ever collaboration with renowned designer Ernesto Esposito: a fashion collection of leather and velvet footwear.

Barbour Press day

Legendary UK brand Barbour recently presented its autumn/winter 2017/18 collection in Moscow. The event was held at the Scissor Street beauty salon, where guests had their hair styled a la Kate Middleton and were shown the process of waxing jackets.

Dorothy Perkins presentation in Moscow

The presentation of Dorothy Perkins' spring/summer collection was held at the Turandot restaurant. This new season the clothes and accessories of the British brand are offered exclusively at lamoda.ru and can be ordered anywhere in Russia.

Payot selects Upside to provide SMM service in Russia

Upside has been appointed to handle SMM for the French brand in Russia. Starting in 2017, Upside will be in charge of the brand properties on Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte.

Launch of Clarins Hydra-Essentiel collection

December 15, Upside welcomed digital influencers at the launch event of new Clarins Hydra-Essentiel.

Presentation of Mark & Spencer limited collection

Alexa Chung’s new Marks & Spencer collection was unveiled in full at the special event in Europeyskiy Mall.

Geox SS’17 press day

Geox presented its SS collection of shoes, jackets and coats to the fashion editors and stylists of the key Russian Mass Media. The Italian design aligned with breathable technologies were highly appreciated by the guests of the presentation.

House of GANT party

On the 13th of October we welcomed our friends at the House of GANT party at the Museum of Moscow. We would like to thank all the guests and especially Vitaly Kozak who made this evening truly exceptional.

Public talk at Barbour store

Upside arranged a public talk with Alex Dubas on the first day of October Barbour. The renowned radio host and traveller shared charming stories about Scotland and described some of its amazing traditions.

Influencer relations for Kenguru

This year Kenguru, the Russian chain store of designer clothing and equipment for pregnancy and children, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, Kenguru has launched a 10-week fashion marathon supported by the most influential mommies and mommies-to-be of the Russian Instagram. Upside is in charge of the complete Influencer Marketing scope.

Limited edition of Upside Summer bags

This Summer Upside has released its limited edition of bags filled with skin and hair care products from the beauty brands of the agency. A set of original postcards has also been developed to celebrate the brightest season of the year. The bags were distributed among influencers. The opportunity-to-See has reached 2,5 million, and that’s just the beginning.

Lee Stafford client days in M.Video

Together with M.Video Lee Stafford Electricals held a series of in-store events coincided with school proms. The guests were invited to have their hair dressed and print out Instagram pictures using Upside’s Instaprinter service.

Geox has chosen Upside to lead its SMM in Russia

Upside and Geox have enhanced cooperation and added SMM to the regular PR scope.

Geox AW 17 press day

Geox presented the A/W collection to Russian journalists and bloggers. Among the main innovations: Nordplus jackets for strong frost and the enlargement in the kids’ range – breathable jackets and Nebula sneakers.

Upside is in charge of influencer marketing for SkinCeuticals

This spring we started cooperation with SkinCeuticals – the American brand of professional cosmeceuticals. Our PR team will ensure full support of the brand among Russian opinion leaders till the end of 2016.

Sesderma selects Upside to provide PR service in Russia

At the beginning of the year we celebrated the launch of the Russian branch of Sesderma – the leading dermatological brand from Spain. It gives us great pleasure to announce that Upside has been appointed to handle PR for the brand in Russia.

Clarins Russia reached another milestone on Instagram

In April Clarins reached 30 000 followers on Instagram, the total number of the Russian subscribers is heading to 90.000. We are proud of the cooperation with Clarins Russia – the approach of the team is truly inspiring!

Barbour opened its flagship store in GUM

Upside and S.F.Group formed a strategic parthership, and it was a great pleasure to cooperate in the launch of the legendary British brand in Moscow.

La Roche-Posay presented Rederimic C10

The brand experts described the benefits of antioxidants in skin care and presented the new innovative product with vitamin C.

SkinCeuticals held its annual event for beauty professionals

Experts in cosmetology, beauty editors and bloggers participated in the annual event held by SkinCeuticals.

Geox presentation in Milan

Within the frame-work of the Milan Fashion Week, GEOX presented its new women's collection. The Russian mass media representatives got acquainted with the collection and its designers – Patrick Cox and Yong Bae Seok.

La Roche-Posay’s school of healthy infant skin

Over 50 people including journalists and bloggers visited the lecture at the school of healthy infant skin – the new project of La Roche-Posay held in cooperation with scientists and doctors. The event was held at StandArt Hotel Moscow.

Sesderma launched a representative office in Russia

The Spanish Sesderma, one of the leaders in dermatocosmetology, celebrated the launch of the Russian rep office with a festive cocktail at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

La Roche-Posay chose Upside as press office in Russia

La Roche-Posay, a brand of L’Oreal Group, assigned Upside to provide integrated service in PR and Influencer Marketing.

Geox press day SS 16

A new collection was presented in the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow. Top members of the mass media gathered for the event.

Gant press day SS 2015

On Gant press day the flagship store got the atmosphere of the West coast, and we had been meeting the guests with a Californian smile.

Marks & Spencer anniversary in Russia

The British brand Marks & Spencer celebrated its 10th anniversary in Russia with a series of in-store events for the whole family.

Gold Collagen assigned Upside as press office in Russia

Gold Collagen, the beauty supplement de-veloped to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails, is coming to Russia. Upside will provide strategic support to the British brand in Russia.

INCITY show at Moscow Fashion Week

INCITY presented its SS’16 collection named From Marrakech to New York.

Press conference of Mario Moretti Polegato, founder of Geox

We held the press conference of Mario Moretti Polegato, founder of Geox, who created a revolution in shoe making technologies.

Presentation of Lee Stafford Electricals

We invited editors and bloggers to present the range of electricals from Lee Stafford, celebrity stylist.

Gap workshop

We invited stylists, fashion editors and bloggers to our workshop on denim customization.

Moscow Jam Festifal

In August we decorated the city for the Summer Jam Fest.

Gant press day

You could feel the true beauty of Californian fall at the Gant flagship store in Moscow on May 27. The brand presented the Fall-Winter 2015/16 collection.

Angel reboot, Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler celebrated the repositioning of the legendary Angel in Lotte Hotel Moscow.

Clarins Woman of the year Awards ceremony

Over 500 guests visited Lotte Hotel Moscow to honor the best female employees of the Russian representative office of Clarins Group Russia.

Clarins EPRO conference

Clarins awarded the best sales consultants at the annual EPRO conference.

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