Road photo tour through the Caucases in support of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T
november 2019

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T embodies a stellar composition of technical specifications: fast-charging battery, dual moisture protection, and a powerful 48 megapixel camera, which makes it possible to take high-quality portraits, wide-angle and macro shots. We invited opinion leaders to the Northern Caucases and let them test the smartphone out in extreme conditions.

Goals and tasks
  • To show the Redmi Note 8T's advantages.
  • To inspire the bloggers to create UGC content.
  • To create an emotional connection with consumers.
  • To expand the brand's audience.

To achieve full immersion in the trip, a unique format was chosen: a road photo tour, supported by the auto brand Haval.

In this way, the trip's participants were able to fully enjoy the mountainous landscapes and independently choose the points for their shots.

Route and moderation

To work out an interesting route with regards to photo-points, we invited photographer and traveler Alexander Zheleznyak, who headed the National Geographic Traveler for 8 years. Alexander also moderated the tour.

Concept Urban & Wild

The Northern Caucases is not only breathtaking nature, but also a region with rich historical and cultural heritage. As part of the three day tour, opinion leaders went up Elbrus, as well as visiting Kislovodsk, Chegem, and Eltyuba, where medieval constructions are preserved.

Photo journal


2 247 000

KPI actual performance exceeded expectations

Behind the scenes
  • 3 days were like 3 weeks - a sea of emotions and impressions.
  • Over 1000 km on the road.
  • Ascent to a height of 4200 meters.
  • 20 photos along the way.
  • From +15C0 to -15C0 in the space of one day.
  • The first road photo tour for opinion leaders.