Event in support of launch Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T and MI Note 10
november 2019

We had a task set out before us: to organize an event for the release of two Xiaomi smartphones at once. The difficulty lied in the difference in positioning for the two newcomers: Mi Note 10 is the first premium smartphone, while Redmi Note 8T is in the midrange price category. Thanks to the unique space and its conceptual format, we were able to fully reveal the capabilities of each model.

Goals and tasks
  • To introduce media representatives, bloggers, Mi fans, and Xiaomi partners with the brand's latest releases all within one event.
  • To emphasize the messages of communication for the Mi Note 10 and Redmi Note 8T through the space's design concept.
  • To show the smartphones' technical advantages.

Premium outside, technology inside — the event's underlying concept. To implement this idea, we used the 18th century Moscow estate of the Saltykov-Chertkovs for our event site.

This old mansion was the best choice for our MI Residence, where the technology and luxury inherent in Xiaomi products were harmoniously intertwined.


The inspiration for creating this space was the residence of Bruce Wayne from the film "Batman," as well as the futuristic look of Tony Stark.

The creative studio Upside Cloud developed the key visual image, communicating Xiaomi's commitment to advanced technology and innovative design.

Creative zones

On the first floor of the Chertkov house, guests were able to immerse themselves in a modern, urban atmosphere, inspired by the accessibly priced Redmi Note 8T. The inscriptions, signal tape, and lighting solution were implemented in a youthful style.

On the second floor, where the premium Mi Note 10 smartphone was presented, we created the atmosphere of a private club. The main design accent was on soft blue lighting and rococo elements in the interior.

In addition to the new smartphones, other products in the Xiaomi ecosystem were presented as well.

Guests of the MI Residence