Photo exhibition promoting new REDMI NOTE 8 PRO

The brand’s main objective was to show that using a phone with 64 megapixel camera you can create and print large format photos. 

We could use standard advertising solutions, but decided to choose a more challenging and creative way. Read below to learn more.

Goals and objectives

Ensure coverage among the new target audience

Show the smartphone’s advantages, particularly the camera’s capabilities

Create an emotional connection with consumers

Create the maximum buzz in media

Create the maximum buzz in media

A traditional photo show could present the new camera’s capabilities, but it wouldn’t involve customers emotionally. To emphasize the special qualities of the new Redmi Note 8 camera, we suggested that the photos were to be created by people with Asperger syndrome.

There are many theories about exceptional gifts of these people. But sometimes social adaptation is hard for them.

Idea and realisation

We invited Foundation “Vykhod” (“Solution”), which helps people with Asperger Syndrome, to join the project. 

Xiaomi gave Redmi Note 8 Pro phones as gifts to the participants, asking them to make pictures during one day of their life.

We showed the result at a photo exhibition at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography.

Exhibition format

All the photos were printed in 90X120 cm format. But the main comments were given by the photographers themselves, who showed one day of their life through the camera.

What else

We designed a brochure with participants’ photos and the project’s manifesto. 

In addition, we made a set of stickers with illustrations by an artist with Asperger Syndrome.

Behind the scenes

We spent one day with our photographers and experienced the difficulties they face daily - indifference, misunderstanding and sometimes hostility. It’s clear why these people prefer to stay “invisible”.

We hope that our project will at least help to change this attitude and show us the world of people with Asperger syndrome.

The photo exhibition was held in the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, located at Krasny Oktyabr (Red October).

More than 2,000 people visited the show during the first days. The audience’s interest in the exhibition was so high, that the gallery decided to extend it.

Exhibition opening

The exhibition opened with a private event with media representatives, opinion leaders, and, of course, the photographers and representatives of the foundation.

Influence marketing
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Special projects

To increase the project coverage and attract the audience, we cooperated with the news site

We offered the website’s visitors to pass the test and get to know the exhibition’s photographers better.

66 487
average time
per page
41 343
clicks on the link
to the client’s site

The project became independent, many people wrote about the exhibition on social media, organically increasing coverage.

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Total OTS of the project