Social photo exhibition Xiaomi and the Vyhod foundation
november 2019

Xiaomi presented the following task: to show the potential of the camera on their new Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone, and more specifically to create high-quality images that could be printed in a large format.

Usually, standard advertising solutions are used for technology launches, but we decided to go a different route and organized a photo exhibition with unique characters.

Goals and tasks

To reach a new target audience

To show the advantages of the smartphone, especially the capabilities of its 64 megapixel camera

To create an emotional connection with consumers

To create as much noise as possible in the informational sphere


A typical demonstration of photos shows the capabilities of the camera, but doesn't draw emotion. We proposed organizing a photo exhibition that provides the opportunity to see the world from a special angle: through the eyes of people with Asperger syndrome.

People with Asperger's are often exceptionally capable, although they struggle with communication. The photos taken with the help of the Redmi Note Pro 8 became a non-verbal way for our heroes to tell us about their world and what excites them.


We invited the charity foundation Vyhod, which helps people with Asperger Syndrome, to join us for this project.

Xiaomi gave beneficiaries of the foundation Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphones and asked them to capture one day of their lives in photos.

We presented the results at the photo exhibition "Photos with an accent" at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography.

Exhibition format

90 x 120cm photos, accompanied by text commentary by the authors - teens and adults with Asperger's.

What else?

We developed a brochure especially for the exhibition which showed the photos presented and the project's manifesto.

Additionally, we created a set of stickers with illustrations by an artist with Asperger syndrome.


Behind the scenes

We spent a day with our heroes and experienced the difficulties that they face regularly - lack of understanding, indifference, and sometimes even open hostility from those around them.

Our project is one of the steps towards breaking existing stereotypes and changing attitudes towards people with Asperger syndrome.

The photo exhibition took place in the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, located on the territory of "Red October".

Over 2000 people visited the exhibition within the first two days. As a result of the high interest shown by the audience, the center directors decided to extend the exhibition's run.


The exhibition began with a private event with the participation of heroes, to which media representatives and opinion leaders were invited.

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Special projects


To increase the scope of the project and attract an audience, we developed a project on the portal.

Site visitors were invited to take a test and get to know the heroes of the exhibition a bit more closely.

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The project took on a life of its own: many visitors wrote about the exhibition on their social media pages, which resulted in organic reach.

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