Re-brandinf of Upside Agency
January 2019

Upside’s activities are many-sided and constantly expanding, so we aimed at developing a distinctive identity that would translate our core values: constant innovation and holistic communication approach. Once these elements were in place, our designers developed visual identity that captures our brand essence and can be applied to the different touch points of the agency with its TA.

While working on the logo, we drew upon the established design, as it was crucial for us to illustrate the continuity between the former and the new of the agency. The new solution looks simplistic and minimalist, but the recognizable key links still remain. The geometric and clean typeface easily works for web and printing.



HEX #0f3756

C100 M75 Y40 K34


HEX #598ca2

C67 M31 Y27 K7


HEX #36b7bb

C69 M0 Y30 K0


HEX #eb6063

C0 M74 Y52 K0


HEX #f08462

C0 M58 Y60 K0

Media service

HEX #d9e3e8

C16 M5 Y7 K3

The new color palette emphasizes the agency’s integrated approach to communication and represents its core disciplines: PR and Influencer Marketing, Media Service and Research, Event Management, Performance Marketing, SMM and Creative Service. Furthermore, the new colors make it possible to use color combinations depending on the specific features of a project.

Agency’s mascot

The transformation also included the redesign of the agency’s mascot – the pilot. To conserve the agency’s heritage, we create limited collections of pilots and distribute them among friends and partners.

Light it up with Upside
Light it up with Upside
The agency’s new tagline is a call to action: Light it Up with Upside! An appeal to both clients and the team to light up the stars together and reach new heights in business.

We developed a classic U-based pattern for our business assets. All of the graphic elements can work together or separately.