Perfomance campaign for Yuzhniy residential estate
November 2018

In April 2018 we started cooperation with Yuzhniy residential estate, and lead management in real estate category was to break new ground at Upside. In November 2018 we were honored to be the recipients of a silver award in Performance Marketing category. Check out the case study to learn more about our achievement and learnings.

Key target

Maintain the amount of leads amid gradual budget correction to result in 50% cost cut


Improve CPA

Boost call-to-buy conversion

Lead management in real estate category was to break new ground to Upside 
Rebranding: change in the elements of visual identification and ideology of the brand
Website development to replace the web page with poor usability
Efficient media planning and lead management to avoid ad fraud and maximize call-to-buy conversion rate
Lead filtering and assessment by means of integrated software & ip-telephony

Change in the elements of visual identification and ideology of the brand

Check out the case study →

Communication message
Living in Yuzhniy means 
staying close to the most
important things in life.

Website development


New website
Average time spent: 5,42’
Bounce rate: 17,2
Conversion rate
grew by 209%
Old web page
Average time spent: 1,21’
Bounce rate: 33
Mobile version
from mobile devices
grew by 270%

Owing to responsive design (the site adjusts its layout in a way that is optimized to the screen)
The conversion rate from mobile devices increased from 0,2 % to 0,74%.

Call to action buttons
Conversion rate
grew by 223%

After introduction of call to action buttons the conversion rate increased from 0,26 % to 0,84 %

* June-October 2017 (old web page) vs same period 2018 (new website)
Tying software to the sales pipeline
Integration of ip-telephony with the call tracking, CRM and real estate sales platforms allowed to:
Measure the performance of the entire marketing funnel to support data-driven planning
Automatically log every call to the CRM platform
Track the complete customer life cycle from the first interaction on a conversion to the purchased piece of real estate
Search engine advertising
Planning & running, analysis and creative services
Ownig to the held cost-benefit analysis the budget was split between Yandes.Direct & Google.Adwords in the ration 4 to 1.
The efficient budget split for search vs display (Yandex & Google display networks) was found to be 60/40.
The campaigns were divided based on the geographic features and types of keywords. Distribution depending on geographic attributes and types of search requests. To adjust max CPC, time and age features were also used.
To additionally cut CPA, a one-month long a/b testing was held for 10 campaigns. As a result, an average 30% cost saving was achieved.
Despite the constantly growing price per square meter, CPA was decreased by 43 % *
Advertising on real estate websites 
Media planning and buying, creative services, analysis
The traffic
grew by 57,1%

In order to stand out amid the competitor environment, it was decided to run a tactical campaign with unusual images. 

The campaign resulted in the CTR 
growth from 0,07% to 0,11%.

Social media advertising
Planning & running, analysis and creative services

Different combinations with creatives targeting options were used in social media, as well as other channels.

Facebook carousel showcasing the advantages of the residential estate shows the lowest CPA among different formats.

Owing to the integration of Facebook Call API and call tracking platform the lead forms got automatically handled immediately after receipt.

On VK different targeting options and ad formats were used, including the recently introduced Lead Ads format.

As a result of the post-campaign analysis it was decided to focus on retargeting which resulted in 81 % cost cutting in comparison to search retargeting.

Results & Takeaways
The change in the elements of the visual identification, ideology and brand assets resulted in the attraction of a new, more demanding audience.
The new website with improved usability and responsive design allowed to increase significantly the visit-to-call conversion rate.
Efficient data-driven planning allowed to avoid ad fraud and maximize the call-to-buy conversion rate. 
Regular introduction of new creatives for the tactical campaigns resulted in a consistently high level of CTR through campaigns and channels.
The constant monitoring of telephone conversations powered almost instant introduction of changes in campaigns, creatives and sales scripts.
Amount of leads per month
Start of works
April 23, 2018