Launch event for Xiaomi
Redmi Note 8 Pro Smartphone
october 2019

Xiaomi has been showing high smartphone sales for several years, thanks to a combination of high-quality technologies and a wide price range. Despite such active growth, the brand does not have a clear emotional positioning. As part of the launch of Redmi Note 8 Pro, we proposed a completely new concept of the event, where it was possible not only to reveal all the advantages of the new smartphone, but also to inspire the audience, engaging guests in the aesthetics of the cyber universe.


Organize an event to launch the new Xiaomi product: Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Design a conceptual, catchy product presentation that would be radically different from classic brand events.

To tell partners, media, bloggers and Xiaomi-fans about the advantages of the phone: a 64 mpx camera and a powerful processor for real gamers.

Phone Reviews by Bloggers

Simultaneously with the official presentation of the phone, some of the most popular of high-tech bloggers posted their reviews. Number of video views - more than 1.000.000 OTS - 9.800.000