Social media marketing for Payot
November 2018 – November 2019

Boosting the image of a lovemark is our main objective in working with Payot. Therefore we keep building a beauty community on the brand's social media platforms, where consumers are welcome to share skincare tips, as well as enjoy the brand's expert comments, best beauty practices and skincare rituals guide. 

About Payot

Payot is a French skincare brand founded in 1920 by Nadia Payot, one of the first female doctors. The products are aimed at activating different senses: amazing textures, fragrances, colors, unique product formats – everything is designed to reveal the greatest pleasure of a beauty routine. 


Aims and objectives
Build brand awareness
Deliver brand values and benefits
Develop emotional connections with the brand, enhance engagement and drive sales

Beauty rituals with Payot is

a pure joy

Regular content

Amplify brand values

Building an emotional connection with the audience

Engaging content

Boosting viral reach

Driving subscriptions

Product launch support

Presentation of new products

Driving buzz and discussion to promote new arrivals

Regular content

The content is being locally developed in line with the needs and expectations of the Russian consumer as well as the brand’s marketing calendar. 

Content features:
- Beauty tips
- Lifestyle
- Beauty rituals
- Influencer generated content (IGC)

> 75%

of the visuals
 were produced

at Upside Cloud studio

From local to global

The local photo content is being regularly borrowed by other markets, including France, the brand’s home market 

@payotrussia / The 9th of April
@payotfrance / The 31st of May 
@payotfrance / The 30th of September 
@payotfrance / The 18th of May
Engaging content
Contests and special activities 

To maximize organic reach, build engagement and drive new subscriptions, creative contests and activities are being held   on a regular basis.

> 20

          contests and activations

> 12 K


Agile content 

Relevant occasions get highlighted in stylized product-centric posts. 

> 550



Game of Thrones, final season

Premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 


Creative activities held via Instagram Stories 

15 000


Q&A sessions with brand experts 

318 000


GIF stickers for Instagram Stories 

The local GIF stickers developed by Upside are highly popular among the brand’s fans all over the world.

> 717 000 impressions

Product launch support

Product-specific content plans are being developed to introduce novelties, including teasing, launch and reminder phases.

Product-based GIF stickers are being introduced to promote UGC and drive reach.

> 160 000impressions

As with the launch of Blue Techni Liss anti-aging line, creative contests are being held to build awareness and drive engagement.

> 5000impressions

To promote Sunny product line, we held a creative contest and asked the brand fans to describe their best vacation experience.

> 8000reactions

86pcs of UGC

Payot Sunny GIF stickers

> 350 000

Special project
with L’Etoile

A cross promo campaign with L’Etoile was held to drive product-specific awareness and sales. The activity involved a valuable prize fund: 5 participants won a trip to Saint-Tropez, 10 participants received an annual supply of Payot products. 

The communication was based on the campaign hub — the landing page designed by our team. A variety of visuals were developed and tested within the promo campaign.



> 144 000




12 M


> 12 000

organic growth

> 81 000

followers by 2020