Eisenberg Paris
May-June 2018

In May 2018 right before the World football cup we designed and implemented an omnichannel campaign for Eisenberg Paris. We invited the captain and #1 Russian player Igor Akinfeev to participate in the project. Go ahead to learn how we linked the premium cosmetics with football and achieved tremendous results.

Aims & objectives

Build brand awareness

Drive trial

Enhance image

Build loyalty and retention


In 2018, Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup for the first time, and the whole attention was focused on football. To draw maximum attention to the project, we engaged one of the top Russian football players and digital influencers, held a social media challenge and ran a thematic quiz on Meduza.

We placed J’Ose at the forefront of the campaign a pair fragrance with bold character and extremely high retention rate to reach both male and female target groups.

In order to drive footfall and trigger first purchase, a multifaceted campaign has been designed and implemented.
Social media ad campaign
Creative mailing to trigger buzz in social media
In-store promotion
Autograph session with top Russian football player Igor Akinfeev
Social media challenge and second phase of creative mailing
Native ad project on meduza.io

The traffic from different channels was driven to a landing page with information on the brand and project details. To receive a reminder message on the eve of the autograph session, users were invited to share their mobile phone numbers.

In-store promotion

During 5 days prior to the event, 10 freestylers juggled balls and distributed leaflets in top-5 L'Etoile stores, including Evropeiskiy and Mega shopping malls.

Creative mailing

Top OL’s received autographed balls and T-shirts, as well as J’Ose perfumes.

Autograph session

The consumers formed a long line in L’Etoile store to get an autographed ball or a T-shirt from Igor Akinfeev

3,8 mln

The technical reach of the engaged digital influencers exceeded

Igor autographed


balls and T-shirts for those who had purchased an item from Eisenberg Paris


The chosen opinion leaders explained their personal approach and attitude to I dare motto and invited their fans to share their stories on social media.



participants of the challenge received autographed balls, T-shirts and fragrances

IG 900K
IG 1.7M
Native online project

To build image and awareness among more sophisticated audience, a native ad project was held on Meduza.io

Within the #BeyondTheRules quiz, users could define whether they follow gender stereotypes or not. The idea of the quiz reffered to the bold character of J’Ose that stays beyond stereotypes.

Project results
314 000
# of reactions on social media
15 mln
Total reach
86 000
Users took the quiz on meduza.io
Posts were tagged with #BEYONDTHERULES
Users participated in the SM challenge